Feelin’ kinda Lazy 🎧 drink 2 New Radicals

In the glass this Anderson Valley Pinot has a wide blackberry core with bricking edges that fade into a beautiful, pink flower halo….

The nose is light and full of vibrancy with bing cherries that somersault into white flowers and crushed Rosemary…..

A taste carries the vibrancy I got on the nose with a raspberry patch that’s anchored by a slate-rock floor —————> A chew and a swish reinvigorates the minerality but brings fresh cherries and blue fruit along for the ride before a black cherry mid-palate fades ever so gently into a peppercorn sprinkled blue-plum ending that leaves me quenching for another taste….

Here’s another gorgeous Pinot from Lazy Creek Vineyards and this things’ kinda got it all —————> There’s plenty of bright fruit here but fresh minerality and blue fruit bring it back to earth with just a touch of spice to carry home the finish…. This beaut is begging for smoked salmon and warm weather!!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a fun throwback like New Radicals – You Get What you Give

2017 Lazy Creek Vineyards “Lazy Day Pinot Noir” Anderson Valley CA


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