Burn one down 🎧 drink 2 Ben Harper

In the glass this Ballard Canyon Syrah has a thick black-purple core that’s wrapped by electric purple edges and a fading halo….

The nose is cedar horse stall bedding before raspberry and black cherry fruit comes into play ————> Another sniff brings out an anise and purple flower thing that I’m digging….

A taste has a coating start of blackberries and blue fruit before puréed raspberries strut in the room ————-> The mid-palate adds a bit of dusty grip and welcomes more of the cedar wood I got on the nose….. The 3rd act shows a bit of sweet pipe tobacco spritzed with cranberry acid before this wine finishes looooong and delicious with white chocolate and peppercorn spice….

This latest Syrah offering by Dusty Nabor Wines is knocking my socks off ————-> With a cedar wood backbone, fresh fruit GALORE, and even some sweet tobacco; this guys’ got so much goodness goin on its’ hard to put down my glass ————-> 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a freedom song like Ben Harper – Burn One Down

2017 Dusty Nabor Wines “Syrah” Ballard Canyon CA


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