PS I Love You 🎧 Drink 2 Matt Maeson

In the glass this Yorkville Highlands Petite Sirah shows a black cherry core with rusty-lavender edges that’re wrapped by a hot pink halo….

A sniff has a black cherry start that’s accented by a spicy white pepper kick ———-> A revisit pulls out a wet leather and new car tire thing that kinda have me in awe….

The palate has a juicy start of black fruit that’s sprinkled by more of the pepper I got on the nose before the mid-palate shows chalky tannins that put an exclamation point some earthiness and meaty notes ————> The tannins play all the way into the fourth quarter of this guy where Maduro cigar smoke meets up with black cherries and black olives to set the table for a loooooooong and gripping blackberry ending…..

Like those jammy, overly ripe, fruit-bomb, bullshit Petite Sirahs? Then keep on scrolling because this little beaut from Halcon Vineyards is big and bold and tannic and meaty and juicy and earthy and just plain DELICIOUS!!!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a song that balances boldness with beauty like Matt Maeson – Hallucinogenics

2017 Halcon Vineyards “Tierra Petite Sirah” Yorkville Highlands CA

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