Hittin’ the Mark 🎧 drink 2 Calvin Harris

In the glass this Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah blend has an asphalt red center with black plumb edges that’re wrapped by a WIDE electric pink halo….

A sniff is BIG and JUICY with loads of raspberry purée, sweet anise, and sugared berries….

The palate has a coating mouthfeel that starts tight with black and blue fruit before dried-oak steps up to the plate ————> A chew and a swish intensifies things a bit with heady blackberries and eucalyptus before firm tannins highlight dark chocolate and more of the raspberries I got on the nose…. Things begin mellow out as I get to the ending with a looooooong and delicious pencil shaving and black tea finish that leaves me scratching my head as to how I got here…..

Here’s a fun little field blend by Mark Herold Wines that’s a bit of a roller coaster ride ————> This guy’s gotta coating start that immediately hits some juicy fruit and firm tannins before dark chocolate comes into play to set the stage for a pencil shaving and tea leaf ending…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with something that’ll take you for a ride like Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

2016 Mark Herold Wines “Flux” CA


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