Fiddle me THIS 🎧 drink 2 Dispatch

In the glass this Sta. Rita Hills Pinot has a dark brick core with lavender red edges that fade into a thin clear-pink halo….

A sniff is mouthwatering and intoxicating —————> There’s a puréed black fruit thing on the start that slips into maraschino cherries galore and I’m dying for a taste…..

The palate shows a light but coating onslaught of black raspberries and more of the cherries I got on the nose ———-> The mid-palate meanders over to the rustic side of the room with wild blackberries and just a touch of mushroom funk before this sexy little lady has a raspberry black tea and cigar box finish that leaves me shaking at the knees…..

If you’ve been following along for any amount of time it’s no secret that I LOVE the Pinots coming out of Bonaccorsi Wine Company….. These wines are amazing and the people behind them are even better ————> This one from Fiddlestix Vineyard in Sta. Rita Hills is light and bright and coating and rustic and ooooooooh sooooooooo good!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Kick up your feet and listen to this wine with a quintessential chill song like Dispatch – Two Coins

2017 Bonaccorsi “Fiddlestix Vineyard Pinot Noir” Sta. Rita Hills CA

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