A check off my ToDo list 🎧 drink 2 OutKast

In the glass this Ballard Canyon blend has a huge black tar core with bright purple edges that’re wrapped by an electric halo….

The nose is big and deep with TRUCKLOADS of black fruit and bold tobacco ————-> Another sniff throws out some wet oak and black raspberries and I’m left blushing a bit….

A taste has a star anise start that flows oh-so-smoothly into notes of cassis and blackberries ———-> A chew and a swish opens this sexy little beast up a bit with more of the wet oak I got on the nose before black pepper piggy-backs a leather note to emphasize a redicously delicious ending…

Here’s a pretty killer little blend from Jonata that’s drinking great now and will only improve over the next couple of years in the cellar!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a hip hop song that’s got a little funk like OutKast – Hey ya!

2014 Jonata “Todos” Sta Ynez CA


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