Ballin out in Ballard 🎧 drink 2 AJR

In the glass this Ballard Canyon Viognier has a light blonde center with white-gold edges that’re wrapped by a thick translucent halo….

A sniff is honeydew and peaches GALORE—————> A revisit pulls out a white pear thing that liaisons a pineapple note and I’m bursting at the seams….

The palate has a zesty lemon peel and limeade start before taking a one way flight to the tropical side —————> A chew and a swish unlocks a viscosity driven mid-palate of bananas and green apples before this beautiful wine finishes with more of the honeydew I got on the nose held up by structural acid that lingers well past my sip….

I’ve long been a fan of Dusty Nabor Wines’ Viognier and the 2019 vintage is exactly why ———-> With LOADS of fresh white fruit that’s beautifully held together by a perfect level of tropical viscosity, this thing is SO DAMNED GOOD!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a big song about bringing people together like AJR – Bang

2019 Dusty Nabor Wines “The Florist Viognier” Ballard Canyon CA

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