PETERbilt 🎧 drink 2 CAAMP

In the glass this Mendocino Pinot has a black plum core with red raspberry edges that’re wrapped by a soft, pink halo….

The nose is a floral, bright berry medley ———-> Another sniff brings out a spice box thing paired with seductive perfumed oak and I’m left salivating….

A taste has an acid driven, bright cherry and pomegranate start that cruises slowly into blueberries and wet oak ————> A chew and a swish opens up more of the perfume(y) notes I got on the nose before black fruit and raspberry tea bring home a coriander sprinkled black cherry ending that is to die for…..

The Pinots coming out of Lula Cellars have yet to disappoint and this one from Peterson Vineyard is another shining star ————> There’s an acid driven start that morphs into blue fruit and oak before an ending that balances savory with spice and this thing is just plain SOLID!!!! Listen to this wine with a song that’s soulful and folksy like CAMMP – Peach Fuzz

2018 Lula Cellars “Peterson Vineyard Pinot Noir” Mendocino CA

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