Raspberry smoke 🎧 drink 2 Glass Tiger

In the glass this Grenache driven blend from Sonoma AND the Sierra Foothills has a purple ink blot center surrounded by marooning edges that fade into a thin, pink halo…..

The nose has a dusty raspberry and blackberry start before a sweet tobacco note steals the show and demands a standing O….

A taste has a bit of a semi-muted black cherry and red vine licorice start ———-> A chew and a swish opens a mid-palate that throws a little more grip at my tongue with anise and more of the raspberries I got on the nose before this fun little number finishes with black fruit and fresh herbs that dance on my palate well past my last sip….

Lookin’ for a red blend to chill out on the deck with as we wrap up our summer nights? Wellllll, then here you go! This Grenache driven blend from Vermillion Wine is the perfect end of summer red that will pair just as wonderfully with a grilled salmon as it will with the seared lamb chops you just pulled off the coals!!! 🎧🎧🎧 Fire up the grill and listen to this wine with an 80’s admiration jam like Glass Tiger – Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)

2016 Vermillion Wine Co. “Red Blend” CA


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