Feelin’ Luxy! 🎧 Drink 2 John Mellencamp

In the glass, this Petite Sirah driven Cuvée shows a WIDE black-purple core that bleeds into bright garnet edges surrounded by a hot pink halo….

A sniff is an onslaught of GORGEOUS wet oak and cedar plank ————-> A revisit pulls out a forest floor mushroom note that’s leveled out by fresh red raspberries and I’m swooning…..

The palate has a woody start with more of the wet oak and cedar I got on the nose before crushed elderberries are carried by gentle tannins into a soft, cranberry middle ————> By the time this act finds its’ curtain call, there’re LOADS of black and blueberries that rush toward pipe tobacco with sticky tannins highlighting a currant ending that goes nowhere fast…..

Here’s a little Petite Sirah driven cuvée from Sheldon Wines that will KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF ————-> With plenty of wood, bright fruit, and tannic structure; this sexy beast is ANYTHING BUT your run of the mill flabby expression of Petite…. 🎧🎧🎧 Listen to this wine with a guilty pleasure that never gets old like John Mellencamp – Hurts So Good

2019 Sheldon Wines “Manus Lux Cuveé” Calistoga CA


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